Saturday, November 2, 2019


Yo! Issue #11 is out! A minor cold actually kept me from getting this uploaded sooner, but here we are! This 56-page monolith of an issue features interviews with Satanic ska/punk legends Mephiskapheles, upcoming stand-up comedian Rose Vineshank, an insightful scene report from Drama by Tso Nee, a noob's guide to the Black Flag discography, radical coloring pages by Danai and a bitching cover by Aleks.

On top of that there is usual dose of science, video-games, zine and music reviews, cross-words, photos and other rants on the small and important things in life to sink your teeth in! I will be taking this to the print shop on Monday, so hard copies should be available mid-week! Also, make sure you're free this Sunday, yeah? 😏